Language Teacher Resources

Language Learning Resources for Teachers and Parents.

Here we have educational material that we have created for Language teachers and homeschool parents including:

Lesson plans, grammar and vocabulary worksheets and exercises, flash cards, PowerPoint presentations, classroom signs and wall charts, cultural activities, 5-minute fillers – for when you have some spare moments in class, games to make the class more fun, word searches, crosswords and a lot more…

These resources are for the following languages with more to come: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Māori and (Brazilian) Portuguese.

IMPORTANT: Purchases are not made on this website. All resources are linked to their corresponding page on Teacher Pay Teachers.

You may also be interested in the hundreds of resources we have created for Spanish and English (ESOL):
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We also have these specific resource pages for Italian and French:
Italian Language Resources
French Language Resources

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